Gravespoint - Active since April 30th, 2012
Welcome to Gravespoint Asylum, where we pride ourselves in our ability to rehabilitate even the most difficult, and troubled of cases.
Wandering these halls you'll make friends, enemies, live a life as normal as possible. Just try not to upset the wrong people, for there are those patients of a far deadlier nature lurking in the shadows. Watch your step, mind your tongue, or you too may stumble among the slowly rising body count Gravespoint Asylum is building up. Will you survive your stay in Gravespoint? Only time will tell.

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Emma Pillsbury Audition - Accepted

ooc info: 

name: collette

age: 17 

timezone: gmt

activity level: 8

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Jeff Sterling Audition - Accepted

Name: Cupcake

Age: 21

Timezone: EST

Activity Level: 7-9

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Santana Lopez Audition - Accepted

Age: 17
Timezone: CST
Activity level: 6-8

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Brittany Pierce Audition - Accepted

OOC Information.

Name: Danielle

Age: 23

Timezone: Eastern

Activity level (1 not very much-10 very often): 8

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Will Schuester Audition - Accepted

OOC Information.

Name: Nicole

Age: 18

Timezone: EST

Activity level (1 not very much-10 very often): 7/8

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